Young, Scrappy, and HUNGRY


This week was jam packed with activities. I completed the last few steps to starting my business (insert happy dance here), I juice cleansed, I attended a fabulous event at The Wonder Jam, and tonight I am leaving for a long weekend with some of my favorite ladies!

The Business: I knew there were a lot of steps and minute details to starting a business but OMG. I guess you know you really want it if you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is right? Sentzational Meals and Holistic Health Coach Services is OFFICIAL! Attending the event at the Wonder Jam Tuesday only added to my excitement. I had the opportunity to meet and listen to so many other people in my position. I received answers to some of my long standing questions and worries and was instilled with more confidence and excitement now that my dream is starting to be a reality.

The Cleanse:  I took part in a three day group juice cleanse. Previously, I have only done cleanses with one other person. There was something about commiserating with a group that really set this experience apart. Did we all love or hate the same things? No. Yet, we chatted our way merrily through the three days and they flew by. But, what now? I finished my three days and I am gearing up for an amazing girls getaway to Amelia Island. I needed a day’s worth of recipe’s that weren’t heavy and would not offset or overwhelm my system again and that I could create from what was left in my fridge pre-trip. Enter, the salmon burger. I have not previously had a salmon burger. I thought the general premise was a little strange but I found this recipe and it looked too good to pass up. Couple that with the fact I had most of the ingredients already in my cupboard and I was sold.

The one thing I did not have was cabbage, or any perishable leafy green for that matter. Instead I transitioned this meal to brunch instead of lunch or dinner and topped it with a fried egg. If you do not have the ingredients to make the slaw or just don’t like slaw I strongly suggest the egg.

If you are staying in Columbus this long weekend stay safe during the expected snowmageddon and stock up on ingredients to make this super quick, super easy, incredibly comforting, healthy meal 🙂




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