Valentine’s Day Dinner


Happy Week of Love ladies and gents!

This week is all about showing a little more appreciation than normal for those you love. My favorite way to do this is by making a meal. This year I wanted to challenge myself a bit. I have had mole on the brain since my girlfriends visited a few weeks ago and what better occasion than this to bring chocolate and beef together? I knew I did not have the time to create a full mole sauce from scratch.I found this Cocoa-Rubbed Mole Negro recipe and knew I had discovered a way to get the mole taste I wanted within the time frame I had available. To add to this task of never-before-created meal I have never grilled a steak myself.

Challenge accepted! I talked with some of my favorite grill masters and got to work. Jess the recipe’s creator lays out everything for you nicely so the only guess work is in the length of time your meat is on high heat. I decided on 8-10 minutes and that gave me an excellent medium-rare steak. I also switched it up a bit and used flank steak rather than skirt because that is what my butcher had available.

I wanted to keep it pretty standard for the rest of the meal but obviously have some flair. I opted for whipped sweet potatoes with cinnamon and some grilled shishito peppers. For the potatoes I pre-heated the oven to 400 degrees, poked holes all over two potatoes with a fork, put the potatoes on a non-stick sprayed pan and baked for 1 hour. From there is was extremely easy to peel the skin off the potatoes add a thin tab of butter (as much as you prefer really) and a generous amount of ground cinnamon. Mix the ingredients together and divide between two plates. They are incredibly easy! Yet, the peppers may have them beat. A tablespoon of olive oil in a pan over medium/high heat, once the oil is glistening add the peppers and move them around for about 10-12 minutes until there are definite black spots on the outside. Once blackened take off the heat and add as much sea salt as you would like.

The mixture of the cocoa-chili crusted steak with the sweet potatoes and the mildly spicy/salty peppers is absolutely amazing together. Definitely a fresh take for any meat and potatoes lovers.

This is a meal that pairs well with a bottle of red wine and a romantic evening or add some additional ingredients for an exceptional steak taco night! Either way let me know when you make this incredible meal.



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