Times Are A-Changin


I left college with a flimsy understanding of the rest of my life. I imagined I would be Lorelai Gilmore. Destined to work my way up the hotel industry and eventually open my own bed and breakfast. I had the job to get started, I was excited and ready. Clearly life rarely goes according to plan. The hospitality industry and I broke up briefly four years ago for a new and exciting world. The world of startups. I was excited but absolutely terrified. My comfortable plan thrown out the window I thought, ok this is the new plan. Four years later, it is time to shake things up again.

My first week at my startup I asked my boss how I could be of assistance. In the middle of training I had some downtime so how could I help. He looked me dead in the eye and said “Never ask me that question again. Take some initiative and figure things out. If you don’t know where you can be helpful you shouldn’t be here”. Just short of passing out, packing my bags, and running back to the corporate hierarchy I decided to sit with that advice for a bit. I was in uncharted territory. Indeed this advice is abrupt. It also reminded me that in this company I could be anyone I wanted. I started in my safety zone, hospitality, and branched out from there.

Four years and about fifteen job titles later I am sated. I have learned all that I can from this beautiful first opportunity. Developed friendships and working relationships I may never have had the opportunity to otherwise. Discovered and actioned a drive within myself I was not previously in tune with. I am ready for my next adventure.

This one, however, is less scary. That first jump into this chaotic startup landscape, I felt clumsy and out of place. Now, while jumping into an equally uncharted industry territory I come armed with an accumulated knowledge and skill set I did not have before.

If this latest switch has taught me anything it is to reaffirm that change is an inevitability with growth an added benefit. To not look on past experience with anything but appreciation for what I learned and accomplished and to move confidently into my next adventure.


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