The Ultimate Fourth of July Party Menu


Happy, almost, Fourth of July!

I LOVE this holiday. For a long time this holiday meant a day at the pool, followed by city fireworks with friends and family. Today, it looks like a big party on the 3rd then watching the Doo-Dah parade on the fourth and relaxing. Last year was the first year for this full arrangement and it went well. That being said, we have perfected the menu this time around.

My ideal summer party has a frozen drink of some sort to beat the heat. Our party will have this Frose! It is light, slightly fruity, and color appropriate for a patriotic party. The only other item I am responsible for is the vegetable skewers. The skewers are a riff on this turkey sausage meal, in skewer form, with portobello mushrooms and Sriracha tofu alternately taking the place of the sausage. These skewers are a surprise to people. They look small and unassuming but pack in so much amazing and complimentary flavors they are gone before you know it!

The rest of the party is potluck style.

My mom is making crockpot brats similar to these,a veggie sub, and potato salad.

Friends are bringing a beverage of choice, antipasto platter, fruit salad, and multiple desserts.

This party menu is perfect for grazing all night before the fireworks display! People can come and go as they please with the mix of hot and cold food so you don’t need to stress on your guests arrival times. It also guarantees that everyone has at least one thing they will enjoy eating. This post is short and sweet and I am sure pictures will follow but I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday week 🙂





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