The Skeptical Girls Quest For The Third Eye


When you think of Meditation what comes to mind?

That amazing couple of minutes in shavasana after a yoga or pilates practice?

The relaxed and refreshed feeling after a guided or self led session?

Or do you feel anxious and more A.D.D. with the idea of sitting in one place for a set period of time exploring your mind?

I am more in the latter group. I know you may be thinking, “but wait you’re a Health Coach you should be super zen!” I am sorry to expose the lady behind the curtain but that just is not me, at least not until recently. I had always assumed, even with so much evidence to the contrary, that I would not be able to sit through a meditation session. I assumed I would feel antsy or stupid and would not be able to fully let go and just “be” for a period of time. I have heard endless pro-meditation stories about how with practice you can reach places in your mind and another level of yourself you never realized. While I was skeptical I am always up for trying something new so this month I accepted the challenge.

I decided I needed a guided meditation to start. I chose Headspace and I am so glad I did. First of all it is an incredibly user-friendly app with the most calming voice I have ever heard that encourages and directs you without lulling you to sleep. It also teaches you why and how to meditate. It is also short 3-5 minute sessions to start so before you can even begin to think about something else you are done!

The first week I was dedicated. I meditated at the same time Mon-Fri. Then the weekend hit and I slacked off. Leading into the following week I found myself feeling guilty for skipping sessions and feeling like it was a chore or something I just needed to accomplish. To me, having something I do just to check it off the list is not something sustainable and I will eventually stop doing it. I did not want meditation to fall into this bucket. Therefore, I moved to practicing before meetings I needed to be totally present for, after a stressful day at work to ground me and release some of my frustration, and through the well deserved shavasana after a workout.

Making meditation not a chore but in fact a way to center myself again or as a reward after a hard workout is incredible. Not only is it now something I do not want to avoid but it is something I look forward to and appreciate. While I do not believe I have reached new levels in my mind and unlocked a new me I am satisfied with the reset meditation provides and I look forward to continuing to explore.

“The thing about meditation is…you become more and more you.” ~David Lynch

Have you dabbled in meditation? If so, what are your thoughts, what works or does not work for you?





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