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It’s that time of year again. Mean Girls Day and Alison’s birthday!!

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In honor of these two fabulous events I have created a celebratory menu for my favorite cool mom.

Alison is basically everything you could ask for in a sister in law. She is a wine loving, garlic obsessed, Harry Potter super fan. The best mother to my nephew.  A quality vacation partner in crime. Overall, a great addition to the family.

Initially, I didn’t have many expectations for a sister in law. There is the standard nice person, good for my brother, etc…but Alison has set the precedent for future family additions extremely high.

Since she is pregnant with my soon to arrive niece(YAY!), this years celebration will look a little different. If she wasn’t…

Alison’s Birthday Cocktail Party-Sponsored by Veuve Clicquot!

We start the night with two delicious appetizers available for grazing. Deviled eggs and caprese salad. While, in my totally biased opinion, my mom’s deviled eggs are the best. This recipe is also extremely reliable. Our caprese salad is unique with avocado in place of the traditional tomato. The birthday girl is tomato averse so this party is a tomato free zone. Additionally, she is a vegetarian so we are celebrating with plant based goodies.

Following the appetizers guests will indulge in a gorgeously Fall spread featuring white pizza and warm roasted butternut squash salad. This may be the coziest combo ever created. The white pizza from Harvest is my go-to here because of the thick roasted garlic pieces. If you are feeling a little wild throw in a mushroom and a garlic pizza as well, you won’t be disappointed.

We close out the evening with a little more Veuve and these decadent Reese’s brownies. A playful twist on a timeless favorite.

Your guests will leave giggly and well fed from a night they won’t soon forget. I can’t wait to make this celebration a reality and to spend the upcoming Holiday season with my favorite sister in law.

Happy Birthday Alison!


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