The Eggistential Crisis


I set a few New Year goals for myself at the beginning of the month. One of these goals is to eat breakfast. I am a HUGE brunch person but a fair weather fan when it comes to traditional breakfast foods. Yet, understanding that setting yourself up for a successful day means creating a good base in the morning, I am trying to change my ways.

I enjoyed a week of overnight oats with peanut butter, berries, and nuts on top but then I decided to switch it up. I moved on to hardboiled eggs. It is here where the trouble began.

A few hours after eating the eggs I was sick. Initially, I believed this to be my onion allergy acting up. I ate an egg the next day with similar results. On the third day, sure all stray onions were out of my system I ate two eggs and only food I had prepared for the rest of the day. THE SAME RESULT! In addition to the nausea and general unpleasant results I was exhibiting I also had a brand new zit. UGH! It is clear hard boiled eggs and I do not get along anymore. So where can I go from here? Is it all eggs? Just hard boiled? Will breakfast tacos be in my future or just a fond memory of yesteryear?

These thoughts running through my head rapid fire I devised a new plan. An egg free week. I am going to steer clear of eggs for a week and see if my symptoms (and my zit) clear up. If this happens then I know I am definitely allergic to hard boiled eggs. At that point I am going to slowly work other egg varietals back into my diet. One at a time trying scrambled, easy over, etc.. to see if these treat me just as harshly. During this bummer of a food exploration it is nice to know I have some staples that are guaranteed to calm my stomach and keep me healthy. One such staple is Spaghetti Squash with Mixed Veggies.

This deceivingly simple meal it clean and delicious. It makes extra so it is meal prep perfection. Even my less than veggie friendly meal testers approve.

Have you experienced a late on set food allergy? Has this method of narrow down, eliminate, then slowly add back in worked for you? Let me know!


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