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This week I decided to do a juice cleanse to really get my body back on track. I am on my way back with the macrobiotic diet but I still have some nagging side effects from diets past that I wanted to flush out once and for all. I have had so many people ask me about cleanses, why I do them, how I feel during them, and the results that I decided to keep a daily diary. So here is goes:

Sunday: The night before the cleanse I am excited and hydrated.

Monday: I woke up STARVING. This is so rare for me and I took it as a cosmic joke that I couldn’t eat my normal avocado toast or eggs and potatoes for breakfast. I was officially cleansing, outlook gloomy. That is until I started drinking the juice. They are so flavorful and really fill you up. I tried to drink one then drink water for two hours then drink another. Near the end of my work day this broke down to just drink the juice because I wanted to make sure I had enough nutrients in me for the barre class I had that night. I absolutely did and got to celebrate with the fabulous “dessert” juice and a well deserved self care Monday bath.

Tuesday: Ok I have tasted the juice I know what I am in for. That is both good and bad. Today the first juice tastes more sugary to me. The plus side is I don’t have anything on the schedule tonight so I can relax and go to bed early. What keeps me going is the dessert juice. I skipped these on my first cleanse because I was actually just too full but oh my goodness I will never do that again. What I am not looking forward to is the beet juice. This is something that haunts most cleanses I have done. I adore beets, but prefer them sliced with cheese and nuts not juiced. Con of the today, it feels like there is a weird coating on my teeth and tongue. Pro of today, I don’t feel the overwhelming urge the bite something yet.

Wednesday: If you are thinking about working out during your cleanse think carefully. I did a barre workout day one that was really great but this morning I did hot yoga sculpt at that was a little dicier. It felt great and I had the energy for most of it but got a bit dizzy throughout and have quite the headache. I think on future cleanses I will take part in workouts that are not strenuous. Additionally, during this cleanse I have tried to go to bed earlier than usual. I am not sure if it is this or the cleanse but I have been waking up throughout the night and popping out of bed at 6 am meaning by 2 I am so tired. Otherwise, juices still taste good and I am not hungry outside of the juice.

Thursday: The final day has come! I woke up this morning with a little headache remaining. I am actually really surprised I don’t have the overwhelming urge to chew something that I have experienced on previous cleanses. I do have to alter my cleanse a bit today because I have an event tonight. I opted for a smoothie and a hard boiled egg in addition to my juice. This cleanse overall has been really good for me. Taking it slow for a few days really diving into self care and cleaning out my body. I think 3 day cleanses are my ideal but four hasn’t been too bad.

Guidelines for future cleanses: Hydration is key: Don’t skimp on the water while preparing for or during the cleanse. Pinterest is the enemy: I say this lovingly as I am Pinterest obsessed but looking at food while you are drinking your nutrients for 3-4 days is unnatural torture. Finally, on this cleanse I also gave up caffeine which I had inadvertently been ramping up recently. I think the cleanse and the caffeine detox are both contributing to my headache so maybe tackle one at a time.

I hope you enjoyed the cleanse diaries. Let me know if you have any questions or if you have experienced some of the same things while cleansing!



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