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As a gatherer I love planning parties and events and having all of my friends under one roof enjoying each others company. I prefer to surround myself with people who do the same. One of these people is Meredith. In high school she coordinated poker nights and movie nights. In college it was rare to not receive a weekly phone call. Meredith made herself a lifeline for me and someone I will be friends with for a very long time.

We have not lived in the same city since high school and we have a blast visiting each other. From Denver to San Antonio and Orlando to Cincinnati there is never a long lapse between visits. Long weekends spent enjoying a new cities food and drink.

My menu for Meredith is varied due to our adventures. I have taken both her addiction to cheese and OSU fanaticism into consideration as well.

Starter: When I visited Meredith and her husband Dave in San Antonio we went to Dough for dinner. We had the most delicious appetizer of truffle burrata. It was accompanied by semi-dried tomatoes, rosemary balsamic reduction, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt. It was absolute perfection paired with a great red wine and a Harry Potter debate that even wrangled in a few staff members.

Main and Side: I could not decide between the black bean burger from Dilly in Cincinnati or an artisan grilled cheese from Burro Cheese Kitchen in Austin so guests will have their choice to pair with a simple salad. This course will be accompanied by craft beer from North High Brewing and Rhinegeist.

Dessert: Our first and only course without cheese is our last of the night. For this I want to focus on a little taste of home, a Buckeye. These candies are easy to transport and addictive. They are the perfect ending to a more than satisfying meal.

This dinner will take place al fresco in a dog friendly locale with plenty of reminiscing, serious discussions about not so serious topics, and is sure to create a lot of wonderful memories.

If you are traveling to any of the cities where the linked restaurants reside absolutely stop in! The selected items are hardly the only fabulous choice on the menu.



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