Ten Years: A Sentzational Spotlight

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Holy Moly, can you believe it has been TEN YEARS since I graduated from high school? I certainly can’t. Actually, I take that back, it seems like a lifetime ago. Yet, I vividly remember all the teen angst and crazy stuff we did, and continue to re-live over wine when we are all together. I am so proud of the women I went to school with and the phenomenal humans they have grown into. So this my friends and readers, is dedicated to my six high school best friends, a meal to mark ten years.

As with most reunions I was torn between a brunch or a dinner. I chose brunch and I also chose to keep anything we would purchase local to celebrate how much our city has grown and has to offer in ten years.

Haley and Mer: Cheese and meat platters are a totally acceptable brunch accompaniment and that is exactly what these two ladies will supply. My charcuterie gurus will probably feature North Country Charcuterie and a variety of cheeses from Black Radish creamery at the North Market.

Melissa: Miisch is always on the go. She gives me crazy wanderlust as I follow #whereintheworldismelissa. Given that she probably didn’t have time to create something from plane to brunch she is on bread duty. The bread I love in Columbus is either Dan the Baker-Toast Bar or Omega at the North Market.

Heather: Growing up when we would sleep over at Heather’s her dad would make us these AMAZING crepe like pancakes in the morning. Pretty sure I have dreamed of this breakfast more than once so this is exactly what she will supply. The closest recipe I could find that came close is here. Served with some mixed fruit these are sure to be a star.

So we have covered most of the essential flavor spectrum on this menu from salty to sweet and we have touched on savory but something is missing. I think a truly diversified brunch needs something spicy as well. This can come in the form of a excellent bloody mary or a shakshuka. My two favorite shakshuka recipes are either this red one from Hummusapien or this AMAZING green one from Downshiftology. It just depends how funky you want to get. I add red pepper flakes to the green one for a little added spice.

Chels: Every breakfast needs a fun dessert and that is where Chelsea comes in. Throughout high school there were more than a few times where you could find us commiserating over a gigantic bag of puppy chow. The recipe is so simple and easy. Definitely a crowd pleaser and will transport anyone who takes a bite back to their younger days.

Ali: She would bring the fruit salad to accompany the crepe pancakes and the mimosa juices. Ali was the birthday cake baker of the group in high school but since we have puppy chow already we just needed the sweet sides and mixers. The best part about a pot luck brunch is everyone bringing one to two items. This way no one is over loaded or too busy cooking to have fun and enjoy the reunion.

This meal is as varied and unique as my girlfriends. Throw in a few bottles of champagne and it will be an amazing meal celebrating the past, present, and future with this fun group. The idea that I can run into any these ladies and feel like no time has passed gives me immense joy.

How do you celebrate reunions, either planned high school/college milestones or otherwise?



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