Switching Things Up


As 2019 speeds to a close and I start to figure out not only a new year but the start of a new decade it has become apparent, things need to change. These past few years have been incredible. Great friends, amazing adventures, wonderful new family additions, and a delicious side hustle. So what is on the horizon for 2020?

I love running Sentzational. The creative outlet and learning opportunities it has provided are innumerable. I have catered a rehearsal dinner, created 25+ unique menus, cooked for old friends and new friends alike, met incredible people, connected on a much more meaningful level, and so much more. Food is my passion.

Running a solo meal prep business in the increasingly busy landscape of my late twenties…not my passion. I realized earlier this year that I started Sentzational to fill a void. It did that in spades. What I miss now is the spontaneity I am no longer afforded and the gift of time. So we have come to the next chapter.

I am throwing it back to my roots for 2020. This site will be a blog featuring Sentzational Sunday’s. A roundup of one truly fabulous meal a week. These can be made from scratch, clean out the fridge, take all day, or less than 20 minute meals, I will always have something for you to make. I will go over the inspiration, cooking process, and final product. I am going to cook with and for friends and family remembering why I started in the first place. To gather with my favorite people over fantastic food, wonderful drinks, and stimulating conversation.

Thank you so much for your love and support throughout the last few years. Sentzational Meals is not closed forever, just on hold. I hope you stick with me savoring this next chapter. Have a wonderful New Year!


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