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This month I have decided to try Whole30. Since I have been traveling most weeks and weekends for the past two months I have not been eating as well as I want to. For me not eating well leads down a dark and tumultuous road of health issues, as well as, a little less tone than I prefer on my 5″3 frame.

Today is also the first day of March! We are closing in on the first day of Spring and this has me seeing green. I wanted to create a Power Bowl to reflect my change in lifestyle and the changing season and this bowl does the trick.

This bowl combines my newfound enjoyment of zoodles with garlicky kale, butternut squash, and lemony roasted chicken. It is flavorful, healthy, and mega-green. For those other Whole30-er’s out there add an egg to this and call it breakfast!
Kale to me is a completely versatile food that you can eat as a salad, chip, topping, or side dish. I have collaborated with Iris-and-Oak to spotlight this powerhouse vegetable. The tank top we created is reminiscent of an Ohio University shuffle I loved with a foodie twist. Wear it with pride as you create this or your own kale-centric  power bowls.
Let me know which other ways you incorporate this vegetable into your life.

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