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Today I am overwhelmed. I am reading the news as I do every morning, I am testing a badass new version of software at work, I am preparing for an epic weekend, and I feel as though I am carrying around an anvil. It is the first time that I have been legitimately nervous for the hopeful future I believe is possible. I think mostly this has to do with my constant exposure to news updates and an ever shifting political landscape but as I grapple with this I have found none complex meals are a blessing. Normally in the kitchen I like to be inventive and different. This week I want to be comforted. Feeding myself healthy food that also feeds the soul. Enter, this pasta dish.

A meal prep win of epic proportions. I had a few leftover ingredients after my Sunday session and two boxes of pasta with only a bit left in each. The noodles are a mix of Banza shells and Cybele’s Superfood rotini. These are pasta’s made out of chickpeas and a mix of green lentil, kale, broccoli, and spinach. They are the only veggie based pasta I have found thus far that taste amazing and blend effortlessly into every meal. Yet, the glue that holds this masterpiece together? Rao’s arrabbiata sauce. Thick enough to gently coat the noodles and veggies with just a kick of spice to keep things interesting.

In addition to noodles jam packed with veggies I added chopped asparagus and cherry tomatoes. While the pasta was cooking I combined the chopped asparagus with minced garlic and olive oil over medium high heat for about ten minutes until bright green and tender. In the last four-five minutes I added the tomatoes just to make them burst. I also added the sauce. Once the pasta was finished and drained I added it to the pan with a bit of parmesan cheese and basil. Taking the time to combine the whole meal in one pan so that the flavors marry is essential and only takes about 2 minutes. After plating the pasta I topped it with a bit more parm and shredded basil and voila! in about 15 minutes you have a healthy, cozy dinner perfect for any weeknight.

Because of the ease of this recipe to be expanded or made into a meal for one I do not want to hold you to a formal written recipe. Start with these base ingredients or enjoy a pantry clean out and go crazy with different ingredient pairings. I have linked the ingredients I used throughout this post. I hope you enjoy this simply delicious meal on a day when thinking about what to cook is just way too overwhelming or you just need a quick healthy meal. Enjoy!


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