Putting The Wind Back In Your Sails


Have you ever experienced the sensation of being totally deflated? Something happens and you are completely floored?

I have found as I have gotten older my emotions have amplified. I went from never really crying as a child to crying for every major emotion as an adult. Extremely happy? Tears. Pissed off? Tears. I feel like Jude Law in The Holiday or Kristen Bell when a sloth came to her birthday. Yet, the worst feeling of all is that sick to your stomach dread of sadness. When this washes over you there are a couple ways you can handle it.

The first time I experienced this feeling I decided on the old standby, alcohol. While taking Wine Down Wednesday to the next level is super fun in the moment you are still left with all of the feelings the next day, not to mention a nasty hangover.

I learned from my mistake. Recently, I was hit with this feeling again and instead of alcohol I took three simple steps. After years of fighting it I have come to terms with the fact that showing and fully embracing your emotions is not a bad thing. In fact it is healthy. The first step, therefore, is own it. Realize you are not crazy for feeling the way you feel. This is the perfect time for a relaxing bath, a favorite movie, meditation/journaling, animal snuggles, self care.

Step two is call your girl gang. There is nothing quite like times of sadness to help you identify your people. The girls (or boys) who will pick up that late night call, commiserate with you, and keep you honest. I am so, so thankful that I have that in spades and I hope you do too. These people bring the air to right you again. Then it is up to you.

Step three is a tough one but you can do it. Don’t wallow. I know it is temping. Don’t do it. Stick to your schedule, maintain your diet and exercise plan, concentrate on one thing, and then the next, and I promise it gets easier. Don’t over crowd your schedule just maintain it.

Overall, it is time that heals all heartbreak but these three steps, at least for me, ease the pain and keep me going.

How do you get over this overwhelming feeling? Do any of these steps resonate with you?




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  1. Barbara says

    I love the title. Very soulful. Also a wonderfully positive approach to negative things that happen in life. Congratulations on moving forward!

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