I started the year with a personal goal to establish and emanate my value. I believe it is important to realize what you bring to the table and the value you hold. Once you have full ownership of this it is easy for others to grasp. After I decided this I entered a bit of a panic spiral. After changing diets every month, when I finally stick to one, what if I slip? What if someone catches me eating something not Paleo or Whole30?! These were the actual thoughts racing through my mind. Will I not be authentic if I don’t stick to the strict guidelines of the diets I have pledged to follow?!

The simple answer is No. It is amazing that in times of internal turmoil the universe seems to send you exactly what you need. In my case I remembered an interview I had seen while in school of Venus Williams. She is a practicing “vegan-ish”. She lives a mostly vegan life but occasionally enjoys a wider variety of food than her standard diet. I also had a few conversations around the  “New Year, New You” diet concept. It seems that I am not alone in this feeling of not fitting neatly in one diet basket and that is wonderful. After these helpful chats I am finally fully embracing my bio-individuality and taking a cue from Venus Williams to live my best, most fulfilling, food life.

Therefore, with faith in myself restored I am continuing on as “paleo-ish” or paleo based. The kind of Paleo that still enjoys rice in the cold winter months and udon and ramen noodles in soup. I feel neither guilty nor inauthentic especially because the recipes I have for you below are BOMB and 100% aligned with my new way of thinking. The first is what I have affectionately come to call a Spa Bowl. It tastes like a deconstructed salmon sushi roll. The recipe is a choose your own adventure variety with how much of each ingredient you will need.

Brown Rice, Smoked Salmon, Shredded Cabbage, Seaweed of Choice, Capers, Sliced Cucumbers, Smashed Avocado, Salt/Pepper, Lemon, Hot Sauce (Sriracha preferred). 

I cooked my rice in bone broth and added my hot sauce after this picture was taken. The meal is clean, fresh, and makes you feel like you’re eating the ocean which sounds strange but tastes (surprisingly) great.

The second meal is something for which I have been searching a very long time to find. The perfect meal prep acceptable meatball. I know this sounds a little off the wall but I have been testing meatballs for months now. I have tried different kinds of meat and a variety of cooking methods. Nothing has worked. Until now that is! While my first attempt at these little beauts was a little malformed I think I have the recipe down for future meals. The outsides were crisp and delicious while the insides were still extremely juicy. The flavor was amazing and paired really well with the sweet potato noodles and lemony yogurt sauce. I love creative cooking Sunday dinners and this absolutely fit the bill. Definitely stick with the ten minute cooking time and maybe use a little less yogurt in the meat mix.

Let me know if you try either of these recipes! Finally, remember to not be too hard on yourself as your new years resolutions start to waiver this end of January. Remember this post and how unique you and your needs are and embrace them!



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