New Year, Same Self Care


There is nothing quite like a bomb cyclone or polar vortex to make you want to snuggle up inside with a big cup of tea (or wine) and a great movie and not leave until Spring. Add in the first week back to work after the holidays and self care should be your top resolution.

Yeah, Yeah work out, eat right, of course but have you heard of the de-stress, total relaxation bubble bath? Honestly, while I strive to keep my workouts fun, new, and exciting, and my food delicious and nutritious I don’t switch up my bath game much. I realized recently that I talk about baths pretty often but I have never given you a glimpse into my little corner of this amazing practice.

It has taken me a while to perfect my routine but now I am so excited to share exactly what I use to wind down.

To me candles are an essential part of my day to day and, depending on the scent, can aid relaxation. I prefer spicier scents to sweet but my current favorites are actually a mix of both. Cardamom and Vetiver in the Magnolia candle collection and Amber Oak from Southern Firefly. My all time favorites come from Votivo and the Vanilla and Fig candle from Anthropologie. The latter I had to buy because once I smelled it I physically could not put it down I needed to own it. It smelled THAT good. All of these candles burn forever and have strong but not overwhelming scents.

Once you have the candles you can build the bath. Dr. Teals Epsom Salt’s in either Eucalyptus and Spearmint or Lavender set the base. Follow this by a little bit of the Coconut Milk Bath Soak. A little bit goes a long way. This soak is a more recent find but adds that extra level of luxury. If I am feeling a bit under the weather or just need an extra pick me up I will add a few drops of lime and eucalyptus essential oils as well. Finally, the bubbles. Occasionally, I will throw in a bath bomb from Lush but I have found most to be filled with glitter and that adds a whole new level of annoyance when I have to deep clean my tub specifically to get the glitter out. If I use the bomb I do not use the essential oils, the coconut soak, or as much epsom salt.

The products I use range in price but all last a really long time and together create a level of relaxation that is thus far unmatched. Add in your favorite Netflix, Amazon, or HBO GO show and you’ll forget the Winter weather until you have to brave it again tomorrow.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products or if you have others I should try!



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