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Happy Sunday!

I hope the Sunday Scaries haven’t hit too hard yet. I have a Sunday ritual that I love and rainy days only aid in my desire to maintain the schedule. I sleep in, brunch of some sort, grocery shop, and then binge watch my guilty pleasures on Netflix while I make my meals for the week. This weekend is especially fun because I am making three recipes I have never made before. I am making Cauliflower Falafel, Creamy Spinach and Cashew Sweet Potato Noodles, and Zucchini Wrapped Chicken Enchiladas. Once I have taste tested I will let you know how they are but the smells in my kitchen right now are ridiculously AMAZING.

I have finished my first week of the Keto diet. This diet is High (healthy) fat/Low carb. The first few days suck. I had heard this before but experiencing it myself was interesting. I was so tired and a little grumpy. Suddenly, on day four it is like you kick into gear. I was feeling more upbeat and motivated and I had a lot of energy. I did not need as much or any caffeine during the day. The only downside for me after the awesome energy boost you get is the fact that I seem to be somewhat lactose intolerant. I haven’t had dairy for a few months with these other diet choices and apparently it was one of the foods that contributed to me never feeling my best. One aspect of this diet I enjoy is the fact that you can consume alcohol without feeling like you are cheating or having to make up for it in some way later. I had the option for red wine on Paleo but going into summer it is nice to have a wider variety of options within a diet. I also assumed, because of the meat heavy, leaning of this diet that I would be so tired at 2pm but that has not been the case. The foods you consume during Keto give you long lasting energy. I haven’t even felt the need to snack.

If you have any recipes you love that are Keto friendly let me know! Look out for reviews of this weeks meal prep mid-week.



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