Knowing Your Worth


I recently had a conversation where my counterpart told me they hoped I “knew my worth”. To me, this is an interesting concept. You see, I have spent the last few years figuring that out. How do I define my worth? How do those I care about define it? For a while, I was content in my new space, with my perceived “worth and value” laid out for me. As the illusion shattered I realized it is up to me to determine my value and carry that with confidence into the next stages of my life. Yet, how did I get to this realization?

Previously, I have mentioned that last year was an emotional bitch. Part of that was feeling isolated. What had once bolstered and fulfilled me now actively sought to bring me down. Where I had previously found praise and admiration I was receiving a cold shoulder. I definitely wallowed a bit in the “is it me?!” phase before I took action.

Actually, action found me by happenstance. I was catering an event and involved in a small group discussion beforehand. A question was posed to the group. I answered without thinking because the question was one I had dealt with many times. This led to more questions that were being asked directly to me. That’s when it clicked. Answering these questions like it was second nature I felt valued again. I realized I felt empowered and confident for the first time in a long time. This was my wake up call that you know more than you may believe. The knowledge you see as trivial and just part of your everyday may be a revelation to others.

This incident gave me my voice again. It emboldened me to get back out there, come out from behind the walls I had been building around myself and prove I was still an asset. Maybe this is just my competitive nature getting the best of me. That may be partially true but I also believe that little steps like this, small wins when you feel like the world is against you, can be just the catalyst you need.

Always remember experience will give you the power and confidence to be you.


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