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Hi! Remember when I said I would post more regularly and then haven’t posted since May? It isn’t like I stopped creating. There have been many recipes and actually lots of activity, just not a lot of time to sit and reflect. I know you are probably thinking, all you have is time in this era of COVID. Maybe, but I am here to show you ways to get back out in the world, albeit socially distantly.

In March, when quarantine began, it was actually not terrible just being at home with my cats and my favorite human. However, as the months wore on the games of backgammon and gin started to lose their luster a bit. Enter mid-week date nights.

These now highly anticipated nights started as a way to break up the same old routine we had fallen into. One person plans the meal and the activity for the evening. No phones allowed. When we were feeling particularly motivated we created a jar of ideas. Now, every Monday we pick a date night idea out of the jar and make sure we have everything we need in place. Some require a bit more planning than others, some may have to happen on the weekend. But all mean there is one night a week where we aren’t doom scrolling through social media, or talking about work. We are simply enjoying each others company and sometimes learning something new.

In addition to date nights we have become Ohio tourists. Ohio has so many wonderful and random destinations. Last weekend we went to The Wilds. The largest wildlife conservation in North America. 10,000 acres of land full of animals who are endangered or extinct in the wild. We took the open air safari. A 2.5 hour tour of the pastures, the bird and lake area, and the carnivore area. We were an arms reach from all manner of wild animals including rhinos and African painted dogs. Next time we are doing the Wildside tour so we can feed the animals and get a bit more in depth tour. We felt safe on the tour because the vehicle we were in was open air with only 13 people on board. Enough room for four seats in between us and the family we were riding with. Masks were worn the entire time.

No zoom needed on the pictures below, we were that close. After the tour we stayed in the yurts on Nomad Ridge. This is a 21+ experience where you stay nestled in the woods above the pastures. We watched a mom and baby rhino enjoy their dinner while we sipped wine by a fire. It was amazing. Dinner and breakfast were included and much better than I expected.

This continues to be a weird time. Take advantage of it and set aside moments for loved ones or explore your state or city. We are already out of our comfort zones and plans are cancelled so create new memories in the time that was given to us.

Stay safe, stay healthy, mask up, and vote!


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