"Is Butter a Carb?" A Keto Day In The Life


What a week this has been. It is one of those “is it Friday yet?” when it is only Monday at noon kind of weeks. Thank goodness for meal prep. I know I sound like a broken record when I say that but seriously on weeks when I am so drained I get home and eye full bottles of wine lovingly, I would rather not have to think about what to make for dinner.

That being said this weeks experiments were a mixed bag. I will definitely make all of them again but maybe not in the same way. The clear winner of the week was the sweet potato noodles with spinach and a creamy cashew sauce. When it is rainy and yucky out this meal tastes like comfort food that you can still feel fine throwing a swim suit on if the sun comes out after you finish eating. I took the brilliant people at Pinch of Yum’s advice and added some crumbled bacon on top…do it you will absolutely regret nothing.

Along with the amazing sweet potato noodles this week I made some zucchini chicken enchilada’s turned into Mexican lasagna because I could not get my zucchini slices thin enough and some chia pudding. Both of these will be on the blog after maybe one or two test runs but they definitely kept me full as I alternated the lasagna with the sweet potatoes for lunches and dinners.

In addition to the food you eat while doing Keto I believe exercise is essential. Even with my total stress week I had so much more energy than normal going into my evenings. It has been great feeling like it will be no problem to workout.

Have you noticed you have more energy during these low carb/high fat diets? Let me know if you try noodles and keep an eye out for new Keto recipes to come!



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