How to Find Your Tribe


This week was my first full week back in my regular routine after almost a month. It is always a little stressful trying to right yourself after having a different schedule for a while. One of the shining points in this crazy week was a phone conversation with a friend from my Health Coaching institute. While we were catching up we both commented on an interesting phenomenon. We have an amazing core group of friends in life. People we interact with all the time and share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yet, these same people may not always understand exactly what we are going through from a business standpoint. So, how can we feed that part of ourselves? How can we find our business tribe?

Near the end of our time at IIN we were placed in small groups to experience coaching first hand. This small group became a place where we could perfect our techniques, learn how other people approach our field, express our fears or worries, and generally take comfort in talking with others who share the same passion. It was our shared enthusiasm for coaching that brought us together. It didn’t matter how different we were outside of the circle or even what we were going to focus on as coaches. We created an open, non-competitive, space for each other one night a week to share and grow.

How can you carry this same space outside of school? There are a few ways.

If you are the type of person who benefits from in person small groups, something like meetup is going to be the best space for you. Meetup is a, mostly free, site where people with similar interests can come together. If you don’t find one that fits your needs exactly, create your own! Chances are if you are feeling this way there are others in your city that feel the same. Treat it like a book club, find one person who shares your interest and either keep it one on one or both of you find like minded friends! In my experience, it is best when you are not all identical in your backgrounds or goals. Start with a interest or end goal in common and work from there. You can only benefit from a variety of perspectives.

If an intimate setting gives you anxiety check out larger forums where you can be more of a listener than a contributor. Places like the Idea Foundry or groups like Creative Babes have you covered. Check out Facebook, Instagram, or Columbus Underground for other events that fit your interests. This way you can be a sponge and find people who you click with without the pressure of holding your own event.

Lastly, the phone or FaceTime groups. This is the easiest to coordinate generally because it doesn’t require people to travel. They just need to be dialed in. This is perfect for those with super busy schedules who feel the need for support or advice but don’t necessarily have the time to commit to getting places. This is also nice if you meet people with similar interests on social media or through another online setting. Even though you aren’t in the same place that should not stop you from helping and supporting each other.

Establish a regular meeting schedule if you are creating your own group or go to meetings at regular intervals if you are joining a group. Soon you will realize you are feeling more confident in yourself and your ventures. You will have found a group that builds you up, helps you grow, and keeps your ideas fresh. Your business tribe.


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  1. Meredith says

    This is so true! I recently started a Facebook group for a group of former co-workers. We’d all worked together at the same company but have since moved on. It helps to have an accountability group who can provide objective advice since we are all experiencing new things in new roles!

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