“Everything Hurts and I’m Dying”


Have you ever felt like this dramatic sentence applies to you? Have you ever had a week or two that felt like everything you did was for not? As if you were consistently getting pushed down?

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Let’s talk about how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue being the badass we both know you are.

I wrote this post over a multi-week period. As much as I wanted to post it emotionally fueled my gut told me to hold off. Much like a passionate letter you write but never send, this blog post is meant to do good not spread anxiety. When I read it back to myself outside of the eye of the storm I could feel my pulse quickening instead of the zen feel I want to exude.

Similar to the GIF above, my body responds physically to stress. Comically so in fact. There is the stereotypical migraine, achy feeling. These usual compound into new and exciting (read: anything but) new issues. Tackling these issues one at a time as they show up and tracking my days leading up to them has given me ideas on how to mitigate these stress results.

First, take a breath. I know I have said it before and I will say it again. When it seems like the world is packing it on, take a step back. In a work situation it may be as simple as not responding with the first words that come to mind. Self restraint and letting yourself fully process and then respond with a level head with save you more times than you know.

Second, work is just that, work. It is not, nor should it be, your life. Find something you are passionate about outside of your work environment. Something different that consistently boosts your mood. Whether this is a club, workout community, family, etc.. If you do not provide yourself with something else you will burn out quickly and most likely, explode in a damaging way.

Third, the black box. Do not bring your work home with you. The box is a trick one of my earliest field hockey coaches taught me. Picture a big, secure, box with a lock and key. Mentally place all of your work thoughts into the box. Padlock that box and move it to the back of your mind. This mental exercise may seem tedious at first but creating space in your mind to remain present where you are and not dwell on things will ease your tension. This process works both ways. When you are at work forget about the external pressures (that holiday to do list, a difficult conversation had, etc..) and kickass in the time you have allotted.

Remember, you are your biggest priority. Take care of yourself and you will be able to conquer your job and all of the crazy, fun adventures life holds for you. I hope one or all of these tools helps you in some way.


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