Eating Through Charleston, SC. in Two Days


Happy Monday!

I just got back from the most wonderful mini trip to Charleston, SC. I have been going to Charleston since I can remember with my family. It is by far my favorite city in the world. This visit I had the opportunity to play tour guide to my best friend.

I tested my, albeit poor, navigational skills and took her to most of my favorite spots. Unfortunately, as we rolled into the city they were preparing for Hurricane Irma. The weather was gorgeous, the streets were clear, and about 70% of the shops were closed. However, the restaurants were open so we had a field day.

Thursday night we went to Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan’s Island. This is a pretty recent find for me but somewhere I always try to make it back to. I first fell in love with their Old Danger Pizza (with an egg on top) during my last visit and this time sat at the bar and had a bunch of small plates. Their drinks, their staff, their atmosphere are all perfect. Their food is unreal. Honestly, go hungry and with a group so you can try a little of everything. Between the two of  us we had oysters, griddled octopus, and brussels sprouts and farro small plates. I don’t think I can pick a favorite.

Friday, we started our morning at Hominy Grill. This was a new place for me but I have always heard good things. I have a thing with floors and the entrance tile in this place did not disappoint. They also have the iconic “Grits Are Good For You” poster painted on the outside of the restaurant so you know you’re in for something fun. Great food and great portions. After an extended walking tour of the city and some shopping we decided to test our luck at Husk.

We had reservations for Sunday night originally but we were not sure we were staying that long with the impending storm or if anything would be open. Husk has been on my bucket list for years. Call me a foodie fangirl I am totally ok with that but I have never been able to get in. Being the cautiously optimistic girl I am I was THRILLED when the hostess said “Two? Sure, would you like to sit on the patio upstairs?” Why yes, my new favorite lady, I would love to sit on the patio. I have found as I have aged that my emotions are ridiculous. Super happy, extremely mad or frustrated? I’m tearing up and let me tell you people it was a close call. I was sitting in my seat trying to act normal while the waiter walked us through the menu and mercifully handed me a glass of rose. Their menu changes daily but there are some staple items. We had the pig ear lettuce wraps, pork rillette toast with red pepper and grain mustard, and then the amazing fried chicken with a bean salad. Just. Mindblowingly. Amazing.

Friday night we went to The Macintosh for happy hour. I mention this because they have amazing food as well but even above that the people that work there are the best. Every single one I have interacted with was so nice, energetic, and seemed like they loved what they did. Following drinks we went to The Darling Oyster Bar. I cannot tell you how I was eating at this point but the place was adorable and we got an absurd amount of small plates. We consumed a variety of oysters, seriously tasty hush puppies, insanely good creole shrimp, and snapper ceviche. You would think these wouldn’t go well together but they took on this insane umame flavor and it was delightful. After the small plates our waitress asked if we wanted to look at dessert and we thought, at this point why not? So we ordered these beignet type mini doughtnuts with peach preserves and lemon compote. When you go to the Darling, order the doughnuts.

The end to our foodie adventure and abbreviated trip was Poogan’s Porch for Saturday brunch. The music was on point and the food was even better. I had the pimento cheese BLT with a fried egg. It was accompanied by home fries cooked in duck fat. A pretty excellent way to end the Charleston portion of our vacation. While in the city we also perused some breweries. I am not a huge beer fan but my friend is and it is always fun to find new ways to enjoy a city.

I had an amazing falafel sandwich at Holy City which was the perfect meal after a 5 hour car ride. Revelry Brewing had the coolest set up with an awesome rooftop. Westbrook had my favorite beer. Westbrook had such a great variety, the people were super nice and knowledgeable, and the patrons were welcoming and excited to be there as well. We hit the first two Thursday and the second Friday and the crowds at both were perfect during these times.

I could go on forever about insane, must see and go-to places in Charleston but I will save the rest for another post. Let me know if you have been to any of these or your favorite Charleston food destination.



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  1. Barbara says

    I’ve been going to Charleston for 30 years and tried many bars and restaurants. Saying that, you tried some new places that I’ve tried to get in in the past and have failed. I’m looking forward to my next visit so I can make sure to hit many of the ones you visited. Thanks for great information!

  2. gary says

    Great outline!! I enjoyed spending 20 + years with you visiting Charleston.
    I wish I could get into a couple of the places you named!
    Sounds like you had a great time.

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