Easter Brunch Egg Alternatives


When I think of Easter Brunch I think of overnight casseroles, quiche, and deviled eggs. Where these images previously conjured joy, now I am a little apprehensive. At the beginning of the year I discovered my egg allergy. Since then my previously adored breakfast and weekend brunch game has taken a major hit. It is nearly impossible to dine sans egg and onions. While initially down about this discovery it has forced me to fuel my creativity once more and find egg alternatives for brunch.

For Easter specifically I wanted to provide a Spring alternative that was more savory than sweet. I also wanted something that could be eaten warm or cold. The idea of limited prep time and freedom to eat whenever is ideal. My mind naturally drifted to salads. A typical green salad is nice but lacks a real wow factor for the holiday. Fruit salad is already being provided so I turned to grains.

I landed on farro because it is durable, easier to eat with basic utensils, and pairs well with most ingredient combinations. I wanted a spring side version of the farro I devour as meal prep and I found it. This recipe is light, fun, and make ahead magic as it just gets better with time.

The soft, subtle flavors of goat cheese, tart sweetness of dried cranberries, hint of green with baby kale, and meaty crunch of the pecans alone would be great additions to the fluffy farro. However, the real show stopper is the champagne vinaigrette. Tangy, bright, and well rounded flavors aid the rest of the dish without overpowering. The compliment of additions and dressing make this dish a fast favorite side to any brunch.


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