Did We Just Become Best Friends? A Sentzational Spotlight


I don’t know about you but there are few people I meet and instantly know we are going to be good friends. One of these people is Lizzie. 

Lizzie and I were randomly paired as roommates during the Disney College Program. We proceeded to Facebook stalk each other but not talk until we met in August at our apartment. Classic.  

We haven’t stopped talking since. I’m not sure if it was our housing situation, our love of Bdubs karaoke, or the fact we had the same days off, that we spent at the parks, but in 6 months we formed a friendship that has lasted. Over the years we have made a conscious effort to talk as much as possible, visit often, and generally stay involved in each others worlds. Whether that is visiting each other at home or meeting and exploring a new location. Whenever we are together there are three constants; belly laughs, amazing food and drink, and the retelling of ridiculous stories. 

In honor of Lizzie’s December birthday I have created a menu of a few of our favorite things. 

Appetizer: Oysters and a small charcuterie board. Created with all the add in’s paired with some champagne.  This starts the meal on such a festive note. 

Mains: From there the meal will be family style. We tend to order a random and plentiful assortment of small plates under the assumption we will eat it throughout the night. This particular meal is reminiscent of our trips around the world at the Epcot Food and Wine festival.

I am imagining a riff on a poke bowl in the form of ahi tuna tacos, bratwurst on a grilled bun a la the Germany pavilion, and finally a hearty salad of garlicky roasted brussels sprouts, butternut squash and farro. 

Paired with the wine or beer of your choice. 

Dessert: To finish this crazy meal some mini doughnuts, almost beignet style, served with a lemon compote and a chocolate dipping sauce. 

For friends that turn into family and relationships that last the test of years and miles apart I hope this meal brings you as much joy as it is has brought us time and again. 


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