The Coziest Meal Ever


We aren’t out of the woods yet with this Winter weather. I feel like every time I get excited about a glimpse of Spring it snows the next day. Therefore, I am making a conscious effort to enjoy this unfortunate weather with the help of cozy pasta dishes.

A little back story to set the mood. A few months ago I started to regularly visit a restaurant in my hometown I hadn’t been to in years. A restaurant I had previously considered just ok. It has been wonderful to get to know this place again and see the clear improvements that have been made. Including but not limited to one stunner of a menu item. The campanelle a la vodka is to die for. The flavor profile is reminiscent of every good Italian meal I have had the pleasure of enjoying while seeming new in some way. Needless to say, it stuck with me. From the first bite I was on a mission to recreate this gem in my kitchen.

Good News, I did! I indulged my comfort food craving with a twist. It was phenomenal.

When meal testing I love to include 1-3 other people. This way I get a cross section of reviews and I get to have people over for a relaxing evening. This night was no different. Catching up with a friend, drinking some wine, and not getting too analytical with my cooking. Just letting it happen.

For a first attempt I would say this is gold. However, future attempts will included at least 50% more burrata. Leftovers were a little lax on my favorite ingredient. Additional pro tip: don’t be a hero, remove chorizo from casing prior to attempting to coerce it into bite sized pieces.

Now on to the recipe..

I hope you make and enjoy this recipe as much as I did. It is so customizable too. While mine is on the spicier side, replacing the chorizo with a standard sausage and the arrabbiata with a tomato basil pasta sauce or a vodka sauce will decrease the spice level. Enjoy!


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