Clean Eating and the Slip Spiral


On Tuesday I ate a single mini Famous Amos cookie.

Let me set the scene for you: I had just finished my incredibly Paleo approved lunch when a well meaning coworker offered me one of my childhood favorites, a Famous Amos mini cookie. I immediately replied, “oh no thank you!” to which he said “c’mon one won’t hurt” So I ate the cookie and I am so glad I did.

Previously eating the cookie would immediately conjure images of Aunt Marge from Harry Potter growing into a balloon and floating away.

That is until I started eating clean and re-evaluating my relationship with food. It is a love affair and like any relationship it ebbs and flows but my ebbs and flows were previously drastic. A simple slip like eating a single mini cookie would lead me to thinking well I screwed up this diet already may as well eat whatever until tomorrow or let’s just start again Monday and fall deeper into unhealthy eating. I was even one who, if I was about to begin a new eating regime or “screwed up” in the middle of one, would eat the whole pint of ice cream or bag of cookies because if I eat it tonight it won’t be around when I am being “good”.

Now, because I have decided and worked on having faith in myself and my food choices, I was able to truly enjoy just the one cookie. I knew that because of my meal prep and the awesome way I have been treating my body lately this one treat would not totally derail me. This was a seriously amazing-call my mom excited- moment for me. It was the moment I finally realized that years of food related anxiety were a thing of the past.

I promise to post some of the amazing Paleo approved recipes I have been enjoying this week in the near future but I wanted to deviate from my normally scheduled posts to shine a light on the fact that no plan in perfect, no diet is fool proof. Slips will happen. Trust yourself, trust your body, and enjoy the single cookie.



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  1. Barb says

    I am the mom call and can verify this revelation was amazing for both of us. I historically feel that one cookie means I should eat the whole bag and start again on a diet the next day. I love the new approach and plan to adopt it myself !

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