Cheers! A Birthday Spotlight


When you think of October the words Fall, Halloween, and pumpkin probably come to mind. For my family October also means birthdays!

I already highlighted Alison’s  Mean Girls style cocktail party so now it’s Chris’s turn. What to say about the oldest Sentz sibling? Chris and I are 5 1/2 years apart. This gap felt large while growing up but has shrank as we enter adulthood. From sending me CD’s from college and giving me his car for a Summer to moving back after graduation and making plans a few times a month, we slowly created a foundation for the awesome relationship we have now.

When I was interested in switching careers it was Chris who introduced me to the start up community. He took me to events and sent me as many articles as possible on companies he thought I should look to work. I soon joined the ranks of young start ups and I have never looked back. Chris is one of the few people who did not question me when I began discussing starting my own business. He didn’t even really try to poke holes in my plans. He just sat back, gave snippets of advice when I asked, and has promoted me to whoever will listen ever since which I greatly appreciate.

Chris has gone from the perpetual devils advocate in family debates to a put together, business owning, husband and father of (almost) two and it could not make me happier to watch. He has a knack for surrounding himself with unique and brilliant people to form a community that inspires and helps each other.

The meal I created to mark this birthday is family style. Everything on the table at once. Drink choices between whiskey, red wine, and bourbon.

There would be burgers and gyros from Little Palace. This incredible and creamy mac and cheese, a simple salad, maybe a roasted veggie or two to round this carnivore delight out, and then the star of the show DESSERTS.

Chris has a sweet tooth that is unrivaled by most. The desserts would include, but not be limited to, double chocolate cookies from North Star, a Dutch Baby from the Table, and the Buckeye dessert from Service Bar.

If you see something on this menu you have not previously tried I recommend heading out to any of the above restaurants ASAP.

Happy Birthday Chris!


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