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Are you aware that one of the top three most stressful things someone does in their life is move? Add to that moving with dependents and it is enough to make even the most stoic person falter. Having just completed a move of my own, knowing there were others out there going through the same rollercoaster as I was extremely comforting. Therefore, I give you my guide to a successful move. Things that worked and things I really should have done.

First, what I should have done. I have absolutely no vision of how something outside of food will look. I can picture the perfect meal from start to finish in my head but I cannot, for the life of me, picture a fully furnished room. This was a needless sticking point. Knowing this about myself now I will in the future relinquish control when someone has a clear vision because damn our living room looks great.

Next, don’t move during the busiest or hottest time of the year. Seems like a no brainer, it isn’t. Moving in July when it is 90+ degrees with 100% humidity when my entire block was under construction and I have events the week of for work and every weekend was pure insanity. Luckily, moving forward we can plan for moves a lot more reliably. Planning your moves, if possible, will cut your stress exponentially.

Now, what worked. Move in with someone who stresses about different things than you. I cried no less than three times during this move. The lady who was going to help up move didn’t show up for her walk through, she was unresponsive to emails and phone calls, and the expense and coordination of it all was overwhelming while planning work events. All of these just pushed me over the edge. However, I have no stress over that which I cannot control. How will our pets get along? They just will or they will find separate places under the roof to hang out.

Understand that there are people out there to help you. Moving is a booming business. If packing boxes, organizing for Goodwill, throwing mass amounts of previous treasures away, or the actual transportation of goods isn’t your thing, outsource! Save yourself the headache. There are a variety of different resources for each step of your move and any wallet size.

Not only are there people there to help you with the A-Z of getting it done but remember to talk to friends and family about the process. They have all been there at one point or another. Share your frustrations and triumphs and get it off your chest. You’ll be amazed how good it feels to commiserate.

Any tips to executing a stress free move you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments!


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