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Hi Friends!

It is almost the weekend and a cold but beautiful day here. This week has been all about experimenting with Whole30 recipes. For me this process has been a blast. I have always tried to eat pretty clean but living without the staples of brown rice and natural sweeteners like honey has forced me to think outside the box.

I was previously under the impression I did NOT like fruit on salad but with one of this weeks creations I am starting to change my mind. The weather being constantly in flux has me thinking spring salads while still craving the warmth of potatoes and more cold weather, hearty vegetables. I am a huge fan of beets but wanted to give them a Spring twist. Citrus seemed like the perfect outlet for this. We have had a lot of blood oranges around the office lately and I love their not so sweet flavor and hoped that, as well as, the slightly darker color would compliment the beets.

The recipe is below but I also wanted to highlight other ways to eat beets. They are seriously underrated. Don’t be scared to try them and experiment! If you do not love them in their standard beet salad form, try the handheld version, have them as chips, even mix up the colors!

Let me know which beet recipe you try or if you have a favorite I didn’t mention!



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