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Hello Ohio Weather!

Apparently, for most of the year I am wearing rose colored glasses. I look at Spring as Olaf looks at Summer. I dream of this glorious time of year. I plan my cute little garden, I shop for Spring and Summer clothing, and I relish any amount of sunlight I can get. While I am sure Spring will be sprung in the next few weeks currently the weather is nuts. The constant swing from frozen to toasty, from snow storm to rain storm, and the tornado style winds has my body confused. Pair this already primed confusion with my crazy schedule the past two weeks which led to not so great diet choices culminating in even less sleep and my body has fallen into all out anarchy. In situations like this I revert to the B.R.A.T diet.

For me, this diet consists of Broth, Rice, Apple, Toast. While I don’t stay inside these strict lines completely I follow the general rule of basic, clean, healthy, plant based foods. Given my propensity to eat something I did not make and end up sick for days due to a stray onion, this diet also means cooking for myself.

It is amazing how quick the body can heal when given the right medicine. It only takes a few days to start feeling less manic and begin to normalize. For those who struggle with digestive issues I wanted to provide a “Day in the Life” menu for you to set the stage for getting your system back on track when you are feeling off kilter like I was.

Breakfast: I am generally pretty traditional with breakfast but this week eggs were not my friend…I say after consuming them most mornings before figuring out they were what was setting me up for failure..you live and you learn. So, instead I switched to basic smoothie bowls or toast. These are much easier on the stomach.

Lunch: Rice will be your best friend here. That and a basic protein are perfect to not agitate your system further.

Dinner:  Bone broth or Miso/Ginger soups are my go-to’s. They aren’t heavy and will continue to restore you overnight.

Throughout the day drink plenty of water and tea. Peppermint for headaches and turmeric/ginger or green tea for energy and gut health. Workout to continue the detox process and rid your body of the yucky feelings faster, and relax as much as possible. Initially, I was weary of exercise when I felt so weird but a yoga practice or barre class really helps alleviate some of my discomfort and allows me to concentrate on something other then how bleh I feel.

I swear by this routine to get me back on track quickly and I hope it helps you if you go through the occasional rough patch. Let me know what helps heal you when your body is out of sync!




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