The Art of Level Setting


I am an over-communicator. I figure if a thought is going to flash across my easy to read face anyway I should just say what I am thinking. Generally, if I am frustrated or upset about something I use the “write it down, store it somewhere safe, and if you still feel the same way tomorrow, send it” method of dealing with my issue. Last week, however, I took a different approach. I’ve labelled it The Level Set.

Last week was one of those weeks where absolutely EVERYTHING went wrong. Both personally and day job professionally I felt like I could not win. It was a one hit after another week. So here is what I did…

First, if something made me feel as though I wasn’t being valued or heard, I spoke up. I would think about my issue and identify if it was something that would bother me for days to come. If it was then instead of internalizing these feelings I waited until I felt like I could speak about them in a level-headed manner and then did just that. As the week progressed and I felt more and more buried, this way of dealing with the hits actually kept me afloat. It also let others know exactly where I was in a healthier way than holding my emotions in until I self combusted. Level setting with those around me set the stage for the next step. The internal level set.

By Thursday I just couldn’t hang. Finding joy in even the little things was hard and I felt that if my little life raft was going to survive to carry me into the weekend I needed to create some more space. I took some time off. I unplugged as best I could for a few hours, only addressing those issues that needed immediate attention. I drank tea and had a much needed unloading session. As an over communicator, talking about my frustrations is the only way I am going to get over them. If you are the same way identify someone who will provide you with the space and the attention you need to unload your thoughts. As a proud Harry Potter aficionado I would equate this to Dumbledore pulling his memories out of his head and storing them in the pensieve. A way to create more space for the new.

The final part of the internal level set is consciously deciding not to carry these negative feelings with you. They have been addressed, they have been filed, there is no need to remain shackled to them and create continued negative space for you and those around you. Additionally, cap off your crappy week with something fun that will set your new week and fresh start up on a happy note and not allow yourself to dwell. These steps, having been battle tested, have proven to be successful for me and, while I wouldn’t wish this kind of week on anyone, I hope they help you too.



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  1. A. Nancy says

    Katie~ I’m sorry you had a hard week. I love your writing when I get a chance to catch up! You are amazing at everything you venture into. Chin up! Have a super
    Love, A.Nancy

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