Accio My Drink- A Harry Potter Friendsgiving


I have a confession. I am obsessed with themed parties. It would bring me an insane amount of joy to throw themed dinner parties with reckless abandon. That is why when I mentioned having a theme for our annual Friendsgiving celebration this year I was elated to have all my friends jump in with as much excitement as me.

We have been enjoying Friendsgiving parties for years now. Most have been very traditional with employer provided turkeys. It was time to spice it up a bit. We dusted off our Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbooks and divvied up the courses for an amazing feast. We had root vegetable and Guinness stew with dumplings, yorkshire pudding, and mashed potatoes from the book. We are a mixed dietary restrictions group so we needed a few vegetarian and vegan options as well. We had brussels sprouts, au gratin and steamed, balsamic and honey glazed carrots, stuffing, and farro and chestnut stuffed acorn squash. We had an assortment of drinks from Madame Rosmerta’s finest oak matured mead (Chardonnay) to warm crock pot apple cider with caramel vodka instead of caramel sauce, and of course Great Lakes Christmas Ale made its seasonal debut.  Finally, and I believe most importantly, the Harry Potter desserts.

To say these were exceptional would be an understatement. My incredible friends made golden snitch cake balls with edible gold and detailed wings, four different kinds of chocolate frogs including dark chocolate salty caramel, as well as,  Ande’s mint filled, and I made a not so traditional treacle tart. I could not find treacle syrup anywhere so I made my own. I also did not have regular bread crumbs on hand so I used graham cracker crumbs. I may be extremely biased but use the graham cracker crumbs you will not be disappointed. This lemony, not too sweet but extremely well rounded flavor, is an absolute crowd pleaser.

It would not be a themed party without decorations. I used mini liquor bottles with various potions labels as party favors. Along with your place setting you also chose a name card with a character from the books. All houses were represented. We also requested that all guests be sorted prior to arrival. The bathroom was the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets with the writing on the mirror and Moaning Myrtle haunting the toilet. I recently purchased a miniature old movie theater marquee and written in lights was “Accio My Drink”. It is definitely the little things that create the perfect ambiance.

I don’t think this party would have been nearly as successful if all participants had not been as excited as they were. The level of commitment and the quality of the food and company made this night perfection. Check out of gallery of fun photos below!

Do you celebrate Friendsgiving or enjoy themed parties as much as me? If so, I would love to see the pictures!


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