A Day In The Life: Macrobiotic Diet


Happy Almost Weekend and first day of FALL!!!!

September has flown by I can’t believe it. This is the first whole week I have been home. Normally, this would mean recipe testing but I received a really fun surprise at the end of last week, a tasting menu of the new Hungryroot food!

I have enjoyed Hungryroot products previously and completely forgot I ordered some of their new snacks and meals a few weeks ago. This week I have something every night so these quick, healthy, veggie-based meals are amazingly helpful. I have also moved into my Macrobiotic month. Not to be confused with counting Macros, the Macrobiotic diet is actually an all encompassing lifestyle. It focuses on the yin/yang in food, whole grains, organic vegetables, and sea vegetables! Meat is allowed but should be enjoyed occasionally. I have been really excited to get to Macrobiotic. I am hoping it will serve me well pre-holiday.

Yesterday being a particularly long and busy day I planned ahead. This weekend I made these Vegan Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins so I could enjoy them for breakfasts or snacks. I was lazy and did not melt coconut oil with the flaxseed, cook my oats, and I was missing chocolate chips. I used slightly more milk (coconut/almond milk) and substituted chopped walnuts for the chocolate chips. THESE ARE AMAZING. Incredibly moist and full of fall flavor. 10/10 would make again and probably will this weekend.

For lunch I used some of the Southwest Chicken I meal prepped this weekend. Chicken Thighs with Chili-Lime seasoning from Trader Joe’s and fresh lime juice squeezed on top with a black bean/corn mixture on the side. I put this all over brown rice cooked in veggie stock and threw in avocado and tomato salsa for good measure. Taco Thursday anyone?

Dinner was quick and easy with the red pepper quinoa and chopped veggies from Hungryroot. It was done in 10 minutes.

Getting back to the recipe testing next week and diving into this new diet choice 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




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